Lazarus – Season 1, Ep 15

AGENT BRUSKIN: (getting off phone) All right, people, settle down and grab a seat. (“here he goes again, let’s put up with him” tone) Mulder says he’s got something.

AGENT WESTIN: What? An alien virus or new information on the Kennedy assassination?

AGENT BRUSKIN: Hey, Mulder’s all right. You should pay attention. You might learn something from the man.

Okay, two things. First, Agent Westin – remarkable foresight. Second, Agent Bruskin clearly did not get the memo that men in law enforcement are all supposed to be extremely jealous and hostile toward Season 1 Mulder. Oh, well, nobody’s perfect. Even the FBI.

Season 1, Episode 15: “Lazarus”


“Lazarus” is kind of Scully’s answer to Phoebe Green, although the relationship between Scully and Jack Willis is much more low-key and this episode is  better than “Fire.” However, that isn’t saying much since “Fire” wasn’t very good to begin with. “Lazarus” isn’t a bad episode, but it’s certainly a lackluster and forgettable one.

I think part of the problem is that the real Jack Willis isn’t in the episode much so Scully’s relationship with him is never clearly defined, and the two have no chemistry whatsoever. The X-Files doesn’t really deal with Scully and love well. I mean, the last episode that even came close to dealing with the subject was “Gender Bender,” where Scully is nearly seduced by an Amish man. And, as I’m sure most of you know, all the scenes involving a supposed boyfriend named Ethan were cut out of “Pilot” because Chris Carter decided he didn’t really want Mulder and Scully to have personal lives. I suppose that’s why The X-Files + soap opera = no, which is a great part of the problem with Season 8. In my opinion, I think Chris Carter was lying through his teeth all those times he said Mulder and Scully would always be platonic. Either that, or the other writers thought Carter was full of crap and pushed for that UST anyway. Both are possible, but in any case, the fact that most of the episodes that have to do with Mulder and Scully getting involved with other people suck is indicative of the writers’ unenthusiasm to invest in any other relationship but Mulder and Scully’s.

Because of this, the former relationship between Scully and Jack Willis is really downplayed in this episode, and we instead turn our focus to the other couple, the messed-up criminal duo Lula and Dupre. They’re two very scary people, who seem to have a lust for blood, money, and each other. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing when I felt like I knew the nature of their relationship better than I knew Jack Willis and Scully’s, and Dupre only really shows up in the teaser before he and Willis are switched. Because of the switch, though, I still feel like I didn’t really get to know either character that well.

I did enjoy Mulder’s interactions with the FBI in this episode, I suppose because for once they’re not treating him like shit. In fact, this may be one of the only episodes in which Mulder isn’t treated like shit by the FBI. And Mulder’s concern for Scully in this episode is really sweet. I like to think about it in the context of the rest of the show, a precursor to Scully’s upcoming abduction(s).  Mulder, as they attempted to establish in “Conduit,” has trouble dealing with his feelings about people who are close to him. He’ll passionately defend his belief in aliens but kidnap his partner and he’ll turn into this awkward, distant, restless person. It’s actually kind of sweet, and it was definitely the best part of the episode.

I guess my main complaint about this episode is that it’s just kind of forgettable. Nothing huge or significant really happens, and its only distinction that remains relevant to the rest of the series is that it’s the first episode where Scully gets kidnapped – something that will happen a lot. All in all, though, it’s not a particularly great episode.


Final Score


Final score for “Lazarus” is 5/10 stars. There’s nothing particularly special about this episode. It’s not terrible, but not particularly memorable, either.

Notable Nuggets

  • Shippers get ready to go “AWWWWW” when Mulder says, “And for those of you – who don’t know already, this one’s important to me, so uh, let’s do it right. Thanks.” 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • The scene where the FBI agent goes undercover as a door-to-door priest is pretty funny. “Can I interest you in the Word of the Lord?”
  • This is the first of two episodes involving Scully, Scully’s lovers, and tattoos. I’m not sure why those three things come into conjunction with one another.


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