Born Again – Season 1, Ep 22

SCULLY: So where does that leave us?

MULDER: One short step away from proving the pre-existence of the human soul.

Good God, Mulder. Don’t flatter yourself. You may be an expert at unexplained phenomena, but proving the pre-existence of the human soul? That’s a tall order. I didn’t know they’d proved the human soul was a thing yet.

Season 1, Episode 22: “Born Again”


“Born Again” is the second episode I mentioned before in my review of “Shapes”, an episode I just don’t have much to say about. This one is even more boring than “Shapes,” almost reaching a level of boredom we haven’t seen since “Space.” And unfortunately, I’m going to have to apologize again, because this review is going to be very short.

What is there to say? I just don’t like it. I think what bothers me the most is that it’s just not a very well-written episode. Some of the lines are just substandard, and The X-Files has an extraordinary number of decently written episodes. The plot drags, and even worse, you don’t give a damn about what’s happening to anyone because it isn’t happening to Mulder and Scully. They’re never in danger in this episode. Throughout the whole thing, I was like, Who ARE these people?!! And why should I care about them? The episode never gives us an answer.

And, once again, it’s an episode that isn’t so insultingly bad that it makes me angry. It just wastes my time. Urgh.


Final Score


Final score for “Born Again” is 2/10. I have to go eat dinner now.

Notable Nuggets

You’re kidding me, right.


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