Final Thoughts on Season 2

Final Thoughts on Season 2


Season 2 is a great season as a whole. The bar is raised in this season, and it perfectly sets up the stage for Season 3, which is the Season The X-Files will become something more than your typical TV show.

In Season 2, we have a wider range of good and bad episodes. We have fantastic episodes, like “Irresistible”, “Humbug”, and “Anasazi”. We have utter pieces of shit, like “3”. We have giant Flukemen, creepy vegetarians, cannibalistic chicken farmers, and alien bounty hunters.

Season 2 is probably best remembered for having Scully’s abduction storyline, and it’s easy to see why. Her abduction is so integral to the series as a whole that nearly everything that happens to Mulder and Scully in the next few seasons can be traced back to “Duane Barry”, “Ascension”, and “One Breath”.

All in all, I like Season 2 as a whole. But we’re still getting there. The X-Files is about to be bigger, more intense, and more wonderful than ever before.

All right, let’s finish this thing.

Episode Awards

Funniest: “Humbug”

Most Boring: “Død Kalm”

Creepiest: “Irresistible”

Grossest: “The Host”/”F. Emasculata”

Most Ridiculously Awesome: “Our Town”

Most Ridiculously Not-Awesome: “Fearful Symmetry”

Most Important: “Ascension”/”One Breath”

Best Guest Star: The entire cast of “Humbug”

Intolerable Piece of Crap: “3”

Best Monster-of-the-Week: “The Host”

Best Standalone: “Irresistible”

Best Mythology: “Anasazi”

Best Overall: “Irresistible”/”Anasazi”

Final Score for Season 2




Season 3, here we come.


Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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