A Quick Update For My Invisible Audience

MULDER: I didn’t think anyone was really paying attention.

MAX FENIG: Somebody’s always paying attention, Mr. Mulder.

I want to believe.

A Quick Update For My Invisible Audience

This post isn’t really necessary as I don’t actually have many followers yet, but I still would like to think that someone, somewhere, is reading these reviews. In any case, it makes me feel empty inside just leaving the site at the “Paper Clip” review, so I felt that I needed to put something up. You know, just in case.

So, where have I been and why have I stopped? Well, first of all, just to be clear, I haven’t stopped. This is a temporary pause, which has occurred for several reasons.

First of all, I haven’t had any time. April sucks, guys. There’s a reason it’s the cruelest month. You literally can’t get anything done.

Secondly, there’s a certain episode coming up very soon which I want to put a lot of careful time and thought into. No, it’s not “D.P.O”.  I’ve been having the opposite problem with that one – coming up with things to actually say about it is rather difficult, as it’s not an episode that warrants criticism or even is worth reviewing in any way. That doesn’t mean it’s bad.  I quite like it, actually. It’s fun.  But there’s nothing much to really talk about.

Thirdly (and this one is the hardest to admit) I’ve been taking a break from The X-Files.  Not a permanent break, of course, but a long enough one to keep the show fresh in my mind, which sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out.  Anyone who goes on X-Files binge watching sessions will understand where I’m coming from here.  You have to take breaks after every marathon otherwise you’ll burn out.  After a rewatch, you should watch something else for a while, take a break, put Mulder and Scully to well-deserved rest for a bit.  When you come back, they’re as fresh and wonderful and fantastic as ever.

During my break I’ve been watching Sherlock, which people have been recommending to me for years.  I really like it (no, I’m not doing a review on it, at least not on this blog).

Anyway, what I’m trying to say to you, nonexistent reader, is that I probably won’t be posting another review for a while.  These reviews take time, thought, and sometimes multiple rewatches, and time is not a luxury the cruel month of April has given me.

However, you can still check out my other blog, Knife Ink Reviews.  These are general reviews which are much easier and faster to write. I cover everything from books to movies to crappy pop music.

Until next time.

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