Be Worried the Right Way – #XFilesRevival 

Don’t worry – NO spoilers here. 

Rumors, rumors, rumors. They are bound to happen, particularly in a show like The X-Files, where secrets are locked up tight. In the age of the Internet, however, where there is so much information coming to us all at once, it’s difficult to sort out what might and might not be true. The best thing, then, is to let the rumors pass us by and wait for the actual event in January, right?

Well, if only.

Let’s face it. Speculation is inevitable and even necessary when a series is being brought back after a long hiatus, especially if that series has such a huge and tight fan base as The X-Files does. As much as we would like to put our trust in Chris Carter, the fact is that we have nothing to guide us as far as what the story of the revival will be. Anything goes. So we worry. And I don’t know about you, but when I worry, I freak out.

I and many others freaked out over a rumor that was leaked on the internet today. The rumor gave us some very disturbing information about the storyline of the upcoming revival. I’m not going to say what that rumor was, since you can find it easily enough and repeating it would only help to spread it more. But it left me and other fans with an uncomfortable pang in the stomach.

Upon reading this rumor I impulsively tweeted my objections in a panic. Many others did, too. Some people even hounded poor Mitch Pileggi, who understandably was a little upset by all the panicked nagging (I can’t even imagine what it would be like if Chris Carter had a Twitter). Just wait for January, Mitch Pileggi responded (I’m paraphrasing). Just watch it.

And while I agree, as a fan I know that’s not going to happen. I’m going to worry. I should worry. I’d be worried if I didn’t worry.

It’s natural to worry about the things you love. Everyone has so many emotions and expectations riding on this revival that worry is going to be a very present emotion from now until January. Let me list a few of my worries. I’m worried that the show will end permanently after this. I’m worried that the story will be too big for six episodes. I’m worried that the revival will take cues from I Want to Believe, which I did not like. I’m worried that the lead stars will want to put The X-Files behind them. Most of all, I’m worried that the show will lose its focus – that is, Mulder and Scully’s bond.

Some of these fears are more practical than others, but all are legitimate. They are legitimate fears that come from a very legitimate connection I and many others have with this show and these characters. Worrying is good. It means you care and you’re not afraid to be critical of what you love.

But – with all that in mind – there is a wrong way to worry. You worry wrongly when you stop being open-minded about what is to come, and lock yourself within your own expectations. You worry wrongly when you place your own ideas before the ideas of the writers and creators. It’s something I struggle with constantly, as I obviously demonstrated on Twitter today. We all do, don’t we?

So worry – but worry and be open minded at the same time. There is no shame in worrying whether something will be good or not. That is natural and sensible. But when you insert your own expectations, then nothing will ever be good enough for you, and you’ll be worrying all the time. Or come out of it with tremendous disappointment.

That’s why rumors are so dangerous. If you believe a rumor, you’ll be prepared for disappointment before January even gets here. And we all owe Chris Carter and The X-Files way more than that.

My advice? Shut off the rumors. Trust Chris Carter. Worry – but worry the right way.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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