Post the Hundredth: The New Trailer Is Out There. So How Does It Fare?



I have written 100 posts about The X-Files.

Someone help me.

Let me tell you, taking this Twitter hiatus hasn’t been easy. Despite the literal feelings of panic Twitter induced in me a few weeks ago, I still miss all of my Twitter buddies. Luckily, I’ve found ways to chat with you and you all have been emailing and commenting and being tremendously supportive, so for that I thank you.

Ever since yesterday, a lot of people have asked me what my opinion on the new X-Files Revival trailer is. I cheated and tweeted a picture of me trying to smother myself with my own hands as a response (well, half-cheated. I didn’t actually go on Twitter to post it, but you catch my drift). But, since I figure you all want more than that, here is my big, grandiose opinion on the new X-Files Revival trailer:

It looks…what’s the word…

Good. It looks good.

I can’t speak for the rest of the fandom, but I was pleasantly surprised by the trailer. I think all the negative feelings surrounding the breakup and the NYCC screening led me to lose a lot of hope in this revival. And I know for damn sure I wasn’t the only one – that’s part of why I left Twitter, after all. So much is riding on this revival, but I think the fandom got so wrapped up in news and set photos and spoilers that we forgot to ask ourselves if this truly has a chance of being good.

And, based on the trailer, I’d say it does.

Now, I don’t want to overdo it here. In typical X-Files fashion, we are given snippets of snippets. For a two-minute trailer, it reveals surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly) little, and it certainly doesn’t add much to what we didn’t already know. In fact, I can think of very little in this trailer that presented us with new information, besides the fact that Scully didn’t put Mulder’s first name into her contacts on her phone.

We know Mulder and Scully have been separate in some way. We know Skinner’s there. We already saw the torn poster. The dialogue of the shoulder-hug conversation was released earlier in the summer. We know CSM’s involved.

I suppose the trailer provided a bit more detail about what direction they’re heading with the mythology. It seems like they’re almost trying to wipe the mythology slate clean, which is a lofty feat, but it could work. I mean, obviously it has to connect to the series in some way, but I wouldn’t begrudge Carter & Co. if they…forgot some of the mythology’s, um, less developed plot points (*cough*Season9*cough*).

Questions I do have, though: Who’s the old guy in the hat? Was it really necessary to kick the IWTB poster? Are you telling me pencils stayed in the ceiling for thirteen years? Really? Why did they have to remind us I Want To Believe (the movie) exists by referencing “don’t give up”? Why did Mulder say “I’m here” instead of “Scully, it’s me?” Why did Skinner’s hair jump from his head to his face? And, um, what the actual fuck, CSM?

One thing’s for sure – six episodes is not enough and is never going to be enough. I’m 85% certain that this isn’t meant to be an ending to the story, and that’s where the nerves start up again. Because if this doesn’t do well, I don’t want to think about what it means for the series. What if Mulder and Scully aren’t back together by the end? Well, that means they want to continue.

We have to want it too.

What did YOU think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments!


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