Final Thoughts on Season 4


I’m going to do something a bit different for this “Final Thoughts.” You guys have been hearing me blab about Season 4 for months. You don’t need to hear from me anymore. Instead, I want to hear from YOU.

So this time, there’s going to be no final score, no episode awards, nothing like that. I am curious, however, to see what everyone’s favorite episode is. So here’s what we’re going to do. Cast your vote in this poll for the best episode of the season. Then leave a comment saying what you voted for and why (of course, you don’tΒ haveΒ to do this last part, but I’d love hearing from you). Let’s see what you guys make of Season 4.

And if anybody votes for “The Field Where I Died” I’m kicking you off the site. Just kidding…maybe.

Cast Thy Vote. What is your favorite episode of Season 4?

Note: If you leave a comment, please comment on the blog post, NOT the poll itself. Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Season 4

  1. Larson says:

    My vote is for “Never Again”. I am a *huge* shipper, so don’t take the following the wrong way. This episode really dove into S and her relationship with M. She talks about her “daddy” issues and her need for authority. I have often wondered what S gets out of her relationship with M. After all, she has lost her sister, deals with cancer (not yet, but right after this ep), and has been put in danger countless times due to M and his quest. I believe S has saved M’s life more than vice versa. How could S not wonder about why she is so loyal to M and what’s in it for her? This episode shows S having insights into this. This episode is a rebellion against these issues with M. Finally, I believe this episode will help to understand why M & S are not together as a couple at the beginning of the new miniseries. “Never Again” was written by Morgan & Wong, who are also on board with the miniseries. Most episodes that offers insight into S’s personality and are centered on her were written by Morgan & Wong. Scully’s my girl!! Thank you!

    • Knife Ink says:

      I struggled a long, hard time with “Never Again.” I personally can’t stand it, but I understand why others like it now. Personally, I hate the way it tries to make Mulder out to be a controlling jerk, making it much easier and more comfortable for Scully to “rebel.” I explain more in my review. But thank you so much for voting and commenting! I’ll except any answer (except for TFWID).

      • Salome says:

        For me personally, I always felt that authority addict characterization was not only out of the blue, it was way off based on her behavior and attitude throughout the series. She stands up to Mulder. She stands up to Skinner. She even lied to Blevins back in Season 1 (Tooms). Suddenly giving her an exaggerated daddy complex felt like they were forcing a dramatic issue on us.

        And worse, like you said, they do it at Mulder’s expense. Mulder can absolutely be a jerk. We all know it. But he’s never been controlling. Mesmerizingly convincing, but not controlling. Even though he’s the senior agent, him being a rock star out of the Violent Crimes unit while Scully had only been two years out of the academy when they came together, he never lords that over Scully. They work as a team. Sure, sometimes he assumes that she’ll come through like he asks, but that’s only because she’s proven herself trustworthy. Even when they disagree, he essentially tells Scully, “Do what you want. I’ll do what I want.”

        Without trying to be mean because I do love them, when it comes to characterization, I’d prefer the return of Vince Gilligan over Morgan & Wong. He had a way of giving us insight into both characters, at the same time even, without having to make the other less appealing. I personally feel he’s given us much more, and more consistent, insight into Scully’s personality over the years.

        P.S. I voted for Small Potatoes!!
        P.P.S. Is it obvious Vince Gilligan and I are in a relationship?
        P.P.P.S. Don’t tell Vince.

  2. Knife Ink says:

    I do love “Small Potatoes.” But for me the real gem of the season is “Paper Hearts.” More Vince Gilligan! I was sad to see that one didn’t get more love. It was tying with “Never Again” for a while (let me tell you I would have broken something had “Paper Hearts” lost to that one).

    I think I feel the same way about Darin Morgan you do about Vince Gilligan. By the way, did you flip over a piece of furniture when you heard Darin Morgan’s written an episode for the revival? I know I did.

    And don’t worry, I don’t have access to Vince Gilligan like I kind of sort of used to with Glen Morgan.

    • Salome says:

      “Relieved” might be the word. We’re guaranteed quality writing.

      Not that I didn’t have faith in Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. But The X-Files pretty much invented The Writer’s Room and created best as a team.

      • Knife Ink says:

        I don’t know how spoiler free or not you’re going into the revival, but I’ll just say that many in the fandom are very, very upset with Chris Carter because of certain decisions…I won’t say more than that, but it’ll be interesting come January.

      • Salome says:

        I’m trying to stay spoiler free but I inadvertently stumbled upon something. That darn Twitter…

        Let’s just say I’m making a *concerted* mental effort to trust Chris Carter. Though it seems to me he’s somehow gotten it in his mind that you have to torture fans to keep them.

        Critics have been really kind, though. So I’m keeping hope alive. Like I said, “concerted.”

      • Knife Ink says:

        Be careful on Twitter. I went into Twitter-hab (Twitter rehab) for a few months because spoilers and rumors were literally giving me anxiety (combined with various life-things, of course). Most of the Philes I interact with on twitter have been very gracious and considerate. I found I couldn’t stay away for too long. And I’m glad I did in time for your grand return. πŸ˜‰

      • Salome says:

        I’m actually surprised at how relatively few hints I’ve seen, all things considered. So thanks for that, Philes.

        And I am glad we caught each other!

      • Knife Ink says:

        Me too. Now that the initial excitement has (sort of) subsided, I’m really, really glad you came back and I we’ve been able to discuss things. I dreaded getting to “Rush” in my reviews and carrying on the job alone. Not that we’re the only reviewers out there, but I definitely turned to your blog the most when I had questions.

        I suppose I should back up all of my slightly stalkerish fangirling with a bit of context. The reason I’m such a huge, huge fan of your blog is because I started the show only a few years ago, when I was about 16, and binged it (I was hooked by “Anasazi”), but I think it was reading your reviews that made me realize why I loved it so much, and also made me see things in ways I hadn’t before. So, um. Thank you for that. Also you’re an amazing writer.

        Ok. I promise I’m done fangirling. Maybe. πŸ™‚

      • Salome says:

        I think this has all been a tribute to my only true television love and an exercise in trying to pinpoint exactly why I love it so much in the first place. Of course, what we have isn’t an exclusive relationship so there’s all this extra insight and input that I adore. And I love the thought that new Philes are forming and compulsively obsessing. It makes me happy. As long as we’ve enabled each other, we can leave this world a better place.

        But I’m not a writer! I think the blog-o-sphere has just turned us all into self-publishers.

        The post-Season 7 era, though, this is gonna get complicated. We have to be strong.

  3. Amy M Tyler says:

    There’s a rebel part of me that wants to vote for “The Field Where I Died” now JUST to see what you’ll do πŸ˜€

    But, alas, I cannot do it because my good taste wins out and beats me up mentally for even thinking about it …

    I found your site through some of your comments on Salome’s page and I had to come read your reviews, too! I love seeing Philes opinions on the show and I’m enjoying reading your reviews just as much as Salome’s – so keep up the awesome work!

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