Schizogeny – Season 5, Ep 9

MULDER: Is it possible that he took the term “mud pie” literally?

SCULLY: Well, I’m sure if Mr. Rich were alive he would find some humor in that.

Scully, I’m alive and I don’t find any humor in that.

Season 5, Episode 9: “Schizogeny”


You know what Season 4 didn’t have? Teenage angst. Well, “Schizogeny” is here to make up for that, big time.

Yeah. Not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of this one. It’s not terrible, but it’s trying way too hard to be another “Red Museum,” “D.P.O.,” or “Aubrey.” In other words, it’s trying to be a Season 2 or 3 episode. Which is by no means a bad thing, but we’ve moved on.

The biggest problem with “Schizogeny” is that it doesn’t know how it wants to scare us. Are we supposed to be afraid of abusive parents, killer trees, or crazy therapists? Maybe all of the above? Every time I watch this I always find myself getting confused about where to put most of my attention.

The main kid, Bobby, is a lot like Darren Peter Oswald from “D.P.O.” Actually, scratch that. He’s a lot like what Darren Peter Oswald should have been in “D.P.O.” – an angry, troubled, misunderstood kid. Sigh. I’ve made a vow to myself never to change my reviews after they’re published, and for the most part I agree with my own opinions, even the ones from when this blog first started. But “D.P.O.” is an episode I wish I could go back and review again.

I was waaaaaay too easy on Darren Peter Oswald, or rather, the episode’s treatment of him as an angry, troubled, misunderstood kid. Darren is an angry, troubled, misunderstood psychopath, who likes to play with moving cars and kill people out of spite. Also he kidnaps his teacher. So I at least like that in “Schizogeny” they make Bobby unlikable but not unforgivable. We’re supposed to feel sorry for Bobby and that’s way more possible because, like Mulder, we feel reasonably sure he didn’t do anything.

At the same time, though, that’s part of the problem. Since we know Bobby didn’t do it, we’re left wondering who did. All the talk about the strange plants then leads us to believe that this is a case about a strange plant phenomenon. But then they throw in Karen the crazy therapist and a theme of abuse. Come on, guys. I can’t be puzzled and scared at the same time.

At least Mulder and Scully are cute in this one. Mulder’s openly flirty and I love the scene after the big final showdown where the camera zooms out and Scully has her hands all over Mulder. Warm my Shipper’s heart, even from a distance.

Not terrible. But not great. And you’ll forget about it by tomorrow.


Final Score


Final score for “Schizogeny” is 5/10.

…And I got nothing else to say.


Notable Nuggets

  • The flirt game is strong with this one. Oh wait, I already said that.
  • The part where the tree pokes through the aunt is gruesome.
  • And I guess the setting is nice. Those are some pretty killer trees.

One thought on “Schizogeny – Season 5, Ep 9

  1. Heather (@meyerheatherl) says:

    I just watched this one! I agree with you — I feel like they added too many layers on top of the “root”-level monster — Karin’s father. Who is a very scary monster, if you think about it.

    The scenery is beautiful. That orchard-caretaker guy? That was completely out of nowhere and unbelieveable. It does feel like they had some good ideas and just couldn’t get organized enough to make it work in the end.

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