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How Reviews Are Structured

The really quick way of explaining this is: they’re not. No two reviews will ever be the same, and they’re usually quite disorganized and just my basic thoughts on the episodes at hand.

Some more general, foundational information about them, in case anyone is interested:

1. Every review begins with a Quote Box. This is where I look at a line or so from the episode’s script and comment on it. Usually, it’s done for humor and isn’t really part of the review, just a way to either refresh people’s memories on the episode or set the tone of the review. Mostly, they’re just a fun way for me to pick on random things.

2. Every review has a captioned picture. These pictures, much like the Quote Box, are meant to poke a little fun at the subject material. Feel free to download/use them for your own porpoises.

3. Every episode is given a score out of 10. 1 is the worst and 10 is the best. I’ve never given an episode a 1, but I did give one a 0 once (hopefully that’s the only time that’ll happen). I’ve given plenty of 10s. Why not? It’s a great show.

4. Every review ends with “Notable Nuggets,” scenes that jump out at me while watching the episodes, cute Shipper moments, funny Mulder/Scully sayings, etc. Sometimes they’re Nitpicks too, if the episode’s not the best or I’m feeling extra cranky that day.

And that’s it. Not information that anyone couldn’t have figured out, but I wanted to make things nice and accessible for newcomers. As well as pretend my reviews have some sort of structure (but, actually, they don’t. Not at all).

Thanks for reading!

-Knife Ink


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